About Chris Fischer

Travel and conservation photographer

Chris Fischer (headshot)

I am a freelance travel and conservation photographer based in Northeast Pennsylvania within easy driving distance to both New York City and Philadelphia.

I work on assignment for editorial, commercial and non-profit clients and have photographed in more than 30 countries around the globe. My photographs have been licensed around the world for commercial and editorial use.

Clients and publications include the Arabian Gazette, Audubon’s Project Puffin, Explore.org, Virgin Galactic, Volkswagen Magazine, and Wired.com. In 2012, I was awarded the Grand Prize for photography at the internationally acclaimed Travel Writers & Photographers Conference for this photo showing both lightning and a rainbow over the Singapore Skyline.


Born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, I went to McGill University in Montreal where I earned an undergraduate degree in religious studies and a masters degree in Library and Information Science. I went on to work in information technology as a web designer/developer and consultant for more than 10 years. It was in Montreal that I met my wife – the reason I am now an American citizen in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Taking some time off to work on a conservation project in southern Africa, I learned I didn’t need much to be happy. Travel had a transformative effect on me. Leaving my information technology job to pursue my passion for photography, the camera has given me a new way of exploring and interacting with the world.

My photography is guided by my love of the natural world and curiosity about other cultures. I aim to inspire in people an appreciation for the diversity of people, cultures, wildlife, and habitats that make up our planet.

A few fun random things about me –

  • I’m a bird nerd – I enjoy watching and learning about birds. A lot. I once even surreptitiously crossed an international border in pursuit of a bird (Pel’s Fishing Owl). So far I’ve observed more than 1,600 species worldwide.
  • I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim and a portion of the Inca trail.
  • I am actively involved on the board of the Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society.
  • I can juggle, so if this photography thing doesn’t work out, there’s always the circus.


For freelance assignments, please call me at (570) 446-9597.


Whether you need an image for commercial or personal use, photos are very easy to license and download through the searchable Image Library.


Archival quality prints can be purchased through the Image Library. My work has been exhibited in galleries and juried shows around Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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