[blockquote author=”Edward Readicker-Henderson”]Travel keeps me alive. The world is great and incredibly generous with time. Travel teaches us to dare, again and again, to say yes to the moments of wonder, so many of them, blown across the landscape with the generous weight of seeded flowers — and to share them with the people we hold dear.[/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”Anonymous”]Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.[/blockquote]

My love for travel and photography have grown hand in hand. I purchased my first DSLR in anticipation of a trip to the Amazon rainforest in Peru almost 10 years ago. Since then I’ve visited 20 countries on 6 continents (still waiting on Antarctica!) including India, China (including Tibet), Indonesia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Romania, and Australia.

Going to unfamiliar places can be scary – it’s often quite nerve-racking in advance. Facing that fear and seeing how much of it was unfounded is extremely rewarding.

I love traveling because when I travel I am more open to the world and willing to take risks that I otherwise wouldn’t. I feel alive, invigorated, ready to take on challenges, free of the invisible but very real social constraints of home. I can be anybody I want to be, my true self is free to come out of its shell. My preconceived ideas are challenged and transformed by personal experience. I see through my own eyes and not through those of someone else.

As Pico Iyer writes in Why We Travel, “We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves.” Travel can be a crucible for truer identities. “In this way, travel can be a kind of monasticism on the move: On the road, we often live more simply (even when staying in a luxury hotel), with no more possessions than we can carry, and surrendering ourselves to chance. This is what Camus meant when he said that ‘what gives value to travel is fear’ — disruption, in other words, (or emancipation) from circumstance, and all the habits behind which we hide. And that is why many of us travel not in search of answers, but of better questions.”

Three years ago, I traveled to South Africa and Botswana to work on a conservation project in a remote nature preserve. This was a significant experience for me. For six weeks, I lived out of a single suitcase and shared a simple dorm with other volunteers. While the conditions were tough at times (especially the heat!), I learned that I didn’t need a lot of “things” to be happy. I started to rethink my priorities in life.

I want to make the most of my time on earth. I don’t want to spend my life slaving away in anticipation of reaping the reward at some distant point in the future. I want to enjoy life now. I want to be open to all that life has to offer. I would rather collect experiences and memories, not “things” (not that I have anything against material possessions — it’s just that all we really need is enough).

It was in Africa that I first seriously considered transforming my passion for photography into a new career, something I hadn’t previously considered “feasible.” And after working in IT for 10 years, I set out last year to pursue a new career in photography.

After procrastinating for way too long, I’ve at last entered the world of blogging! The final push came just over a month ago from my experience at the Travel Writers and Photographers Conference in Corte Madera, CA. The importance of having a blog to show my current work as well as being involved with social media finally became too clear to ignore any longer.

I will be using this blog to share both my personal journey as well as my passion for both travel and photography – my photography and experiences from both near and afar.

I invite you to leave comments and ask questions. While I’m not always near an Internet connection, I will do my best to respond as promptly as possible.

[image alt=”” title=”Chris Fischer – Botswana” width=”310″ height=”465″]http://www.chrisfischerphotography.com/wpblog/wp-content/uploads/chris_fischer_botswana.jpg[/image]

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